The Holy Ghost School


The Holy Ghost School is a Discipleship School of the Holy Spirit run by the Holy Spirit Himself directly, which He uses to bring anyone whosoever that is interested in intimacy with Jesus Christ, hearing from Jesus directly and being saved from the coming wrath determined and concluded upon the world into a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is necessary even as Jesus Christ Himself says in John 10:27, in order to escape from the impending and inevitable wrath of God which is determined upon the world already. The Holy Spirit trains you here on earth and now, to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ just like the twelve (12) disciples our Lord Jesus Christ trained! 


It is because this is what God wants right now and is doing right now. It is the fastest and surest way to approach Jesus Christ and into His presence at this end-times. We receive immediate attention of God the moment we start keeping Covenant Time with God via the Holy Ghost School because we know that our God is a covenant keeping God who also respects covenants because of His unequalled integrity and faithfulness. We are now in the end time ministry of Jesus Christ. As a result, the Lord revealed this as one His end time secrets. The secret and truth is this, Jesus Christ in His love revealed that whenever the end end of a people comes i.e., whenever His judgement is about to sweep through, He does not require many things from those who are to escape in order to help them escape easily, if they will obey and meet His condition of escape. In His character and usual way, God narrows things down to just one condition for escape and if anyone fulfils that one condition, he or she gets saved at once from the destruction determined upon those to be destroyed which in this case, is the whole world, just like the days of Noah. The bible has many examples of this.  Let's look at the case of judgement in the days of Noah. All that God required from the people of the world in the days of Noah, was just for them to enter into the ark. That was the only task they were to perform, "just enter the ark" and that was all! Anyone that obeyed got saved including even the animals that obeyed. We all know what happened to those who did not obey but were wise in their own eyes and deception, THEY ALL PERISHED!!!

When the Israelites were about to be liberated from generational slavery in Egypt, the ONLY escape from God's judgement of death that swept through the whole of Egypt was that the Israelites were to mark their door posts or lintel with blood of a lamb and the Lord said, when I see the blood, I will pass over and He kept His words because those that obeyed who were the Israelites and any Egyptian in their dwelling, escaped the death of all the first born of both man and animals that swept through the whole of Egypt that night. Exodus 12:13:

"And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt".

It was the same pattern from God in the time Lot and God's judgement of destruction determined upon Sodom and Gomorrah. They got only one condition of escape from the Lord, "Climb the Mountain without looking back"! All that obeyed escaped but for Lot's wife who looked back and was destroyed. The entire land that made up Sodom and Gomorrah and their surrounding plains remain in ruins and uninhabited till date! (See Genesis 7:1-4, 23). 

From every indication, the end is here again but this time, it is the end of the whole world! Get into a personal covenant with God so you can be saved for this world has come to its end. Do not perish with this world.

The Holy Spirit is the Owner, Rector, Chancellor, Teacher, Leader, and so on of the Holy Ghost School. It is the School of the Spirit where the end time army of the Lord is being raised and trained. It is the School where the Holy Spirit is Sealing the genuine children of God with the Seal of God because inevitable perilous times are coming just as the Israelites were sealed with the blood in Goshen and none of them died when the Lord passed through the land of Egypt with death, to kill every Egyptian first born of both man and beast!

It is also the school of revelations given strictly by the Holy Spirit. As earlier mentioned, it is a discipleship school that makes you become an actual disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ in these present times and days with clearly defined roles, assignments, ministries and so on for our Lord Jesus Christ just like the twelve disciples had and did. This is on a person to person basis from the Holy Spirit directly to each person concerned. The Holy Ghost Schooling is done Free of Charge from the comfort of your home, office, school, and the likes. How? You choose a specific time of the day that is convenient for you to meet with the Lord "at that same time every day" with no distractions and feed at His table till either you are Raptured, or death comes! It is a covenant time between you and God, the Holy Spirit. It must as a matter of necessity, be the same time everyday because God loves discipline and orderliness. The training you receive directly from the Holy Spirit in the Holy Ghost School brings you "out of the shadows of Christianity into the presence of God, separated unto God and surrounded by His Glory as a present-day disciple of Jesus Christ".


"The Holy Ghost School is Completely FREE of Charge and you do not pay any money whatsoever to anybody for anything whatsoever!!! It is A FREE TUITION SCHOOL RUN BY THE HOLY SPIRIT HIMSELF".


All you do at that chosen time of meeting with the Holy Spirit in the Holy Ghost School every day, is that you study Holy Spirit inspired Discipleship books which also includes the Bible, as well as other fantastic list of books. These include but not limited to books by Pastor Lambert Okafor, Watchman Nee, David Wilkerson, Dr. Dale A. Fife, Ngozi Anyaorah, Bro. Gbile Akanni, Rick Joyner and so many other wonderfully Holy Spirit led authours just to mention but a few. A long list of the books is available in the starter pack. Our Good Lord to His Glory has blessed me with some of the of materials needed and it will be my delight to send some over to you and anyone that is hungry for real and true intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ wherever you are at no cost to you.


The Holy Ghost School is "not for everyone" but for those who SERIOUS and ARE HUNGRY FOR GOD AND MORE OF JESUS! It is for those who want to ascend higher than the level of just being "born again" into the deeper and greater things of God. Remember that becoming born again ONLY qualifies you "to see" the Kingdom of God but it does not qualify you "to enter into" the Kingdom of God (John 3: verses 3 & 5). The Holy Ghost School is for those who truly have been yearning to know Jesus Christ personally and Jesus knows them personally also, hear from God and cleave unto Him without letting go. It is STRICTLY for people who have resolved that it is heaven or nowhere else. So, it is not for unserious people. It is not for anyone that loves the world or love the world more than God! The Holy Ghost School is for those that truly wants to become like Jesus Christ and have Romans 8:29 fulfilled in their lives through the miraculous works the Holy Spirit will do in their lives through His tutorship for each disciple, in His Holy Ghost School. 

The Holy Ghost School is for those that truly want to become Jesus Christ’s disciples of today. Simply put, those who want to be in a one on-one interpersonal intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, our Father Jehovah and the Holy Spirit. Does this speak about you and your heart desire? If it does, then the Holy Spirit has brought the Kingdom of God nearer to you!

To the Glory of God our Lord Jesus Christ, there are some discipleship books or materials that our Lord Jesus Christ has for you FREE of charge that you can download right now from this His website. These are the very books you need in order to get enlisted and started as a student in the Holy Ghost School. The Book titles available for download are scanned from hard copies, so they are softcopies in PDF which are:

1. Introduction to The Holy Ghost School
2. Whose Image Are You?
3. Spiritual Colours and their meanings in the Holy Ghost School
4. A Day of Darkness

No 1, 2 and No 3 book titles above are actually what I call the starter pack to get enrolled and started in the Holy Ghost School, as a new student i.e. disciple of Jesus Christ being tutored by the Holy Spirit Himself. To the Glory of God, I'm a product of the Holy Ghost School and remains so till date. Feel free to download the above three (3) books below:

In addition, kindly note that you can contact the Divine Mercy Bookshop located at Boundary B/Stop at Ajegunle Lagos State, to get your own hard copy complete set of the Holy Ghost School books that are locally available here in Nigeria and they are quite cheap. If you are out of Lagos State, you can choose to make arrangements for them to help you send it down to wherever you are in Nigeria while you discuss and pay them the cost of sending it to your location. I bought my own Holy Ghost School books from them and some other book titles. I had actually bought some of the discipleship books from outside Nigeria at expensive rates before I discovered them.

For your complete Holy Ghost School set of books, you can call Divine Mercy Bookshop on: +234 803 424 8281

Disclaimer: We are not marketing for Divine Mercy Bookshop neither are we affiliated with them in any way. They are simply a bookshop service that we have tested, used and bought from and deemed reliable.

Your comments are kindly welcomed in the comments section below.


Introduction to the Holy Ghost School

This book tells you everything about the Holy Ghost and the prayers you need to say in order to get enrolled and started as a student of the Holy Ghost School

Whose Image Are You?

Do you know that our spiritual image matters a lot to make heaven at the end and that you must have the image of Jesus  Christ according to Romans 8:29 in order end up in heaven at the end? You need to let God reveal to you whose image you currently have and not by your own assessment or judgement less you are deceived because how God reveals to you on how He sees you is exactly who you are before God! 

As Jesus Christ revealed by His Holy Spirit, do you know that your level of deliverance is proportional to your spiritual image? You need to discover mysteries and more so you don't ignorantly and or mistakenly end up in hell.

Spiritual Colours

and their meanings in the

Holy Ghost School

In the Holy Ghost School, God will speak to you depending on how serious you are. God will not waste His time on any unserious person! For the serious ones however, He may speak to you in Dreams and Visions in the Holy School as He chooses thereby revealing mysteries about yourself, others and other things to you. God also can choose to speak to you with His clear audible voice that you will hear audibly whenever He chooses to. This book however deals with some of the basic meanings of what God is saying to His children and disciples in training in the form of symbols through dreams and visions. For instance in the Holy Ghost, blue is the colour of the Holy Spirit while pink is the colour of marine witchcraft. These are talking about spiritual colours and not physical colours. It is important to have a clarity on this.

You will discover more knowledge as you read these amazing Holy Spirit birthed books.

A Day of Darkness

This is a warning to ALL peoples of the world concerning the inevitable dangers of unimaginable proportions the world is about to witness. It will sudden yet final and everyone on earth then will be affected.

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