Warnings From Jesus To Everyone

Hear ye the word of the Lord, Hebrews 3:12 - Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God. Do not depart from the Lord i.e. do not reject God and turn your back on Him through your unbelief, arguments even through  your stubbornness which is the same thing as idolatry. To Reject the word of God simply means to reject God Himself. Rebellion is a terrible sin against God. Read 1 Samuel 15:23 and see what God says about such habits. Remember also that rebellion is the same thing with the sin of witchcraft. It means before God, rebellion is the same as witchcraft. So be not a witch ignorantly.

(1) Mini Skirts and Tight Clothing

It is important that we know these truths and pass the word out:

It was early in the morning at about 2:15 A.M. of Thursday the 15th March 2018 as I was praying, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes in a vision and showed me a young lady who wore a T-Shirt and it covered her breasts and upper body very well though her "clothing was tight on her". The Lord then brought my eyes down in order to focus on the skirt she was wearing and it was a "mini skirt of jeans fabric and equally tight on her". Suddenly, the next thing I heard was "NO, NO, NO". Of course I know what "NO" means in English language but I didn't immediately understand its meaning regarding the vision with respect to the NO, NO, NO warnings of from the Lord. A few days later however, my Senior Partner, the Sweet Holy Spirit Divine illuminated my understanding and here it goes:

1 John 5:7 reads: For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one

So the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost have all said NO, NO, NO to any girl, lady, woman or female of any age or category that wears mini skirts and of course tight clothing revealing all the female's shape/figure/physique. The same goes for wearing trousers in general by ladies. Now what is the implication of these? Here comes the warning:

"Wear it and seal up your fate for hell" is the warning the Lord has for all females of all categories.  Thus saith the Lord.

So, "any girl, any lady, any woman, any female that wears mini skirts and tight clothing including trousers should completely forget about making heaven or ending up in Heaven altogether."

It seriously does not matter if she's a worker in the church, a General Overseer's wife, mother, sister or friend, a pastor's daughter or wife, a chorister in the church, an evangelist, preacher, prophetess, teacher or a pastor e.t.c. (a popular female pastor who died in a plane crash years back wore trousers, make up, hair extensions, jewelries, tight clothing and so on and has since been seen in hell by many witnesses as our Lord Jesus reveals this truth about her end place. These our Lord Jesus Christ does in love and in His mercies, so that we that are yet alive, should not make these same mistakes and end up in hell like the ones already there. The Lord has personally revealed her in hell to our own Sister Banke too who knew the late pastor in person. There are other witnesses to this irrevocable truth some who are not even Nigerians whom the Lord has since revealed this late pastor in hell to.

Any skirt that is above your knees and doesn't cover your legs very well going down to your ankles is what the Lord has since categorized under the label "mini skirts" and you are naked saith the Lord (Note: You are at liberty to ask God for clarity and the truth instead of criticizing and end up committing more sins).

No man has the right to see your nakedness unless he has paid your dowry. Don't you know that when you wear those clothes, you cause men to stumble and sin against God? You even become guilty of Luke 17:1 that says woe i.e. cursed is anyone that leads others into sin through whom the sins originate from and NO cursed person will by any means enter into the Kingdom of God. You automatically become guilty of Luke 17:1 and bring curses upon yourself when you wear mini skirts and or other indecent clothing and men begin to lust after you in their heart. When anyone of them commits any of the sins of lust of the eyes, lust of the heart and or lust of the flesh and maybe crowns it with the sin of fornication of the heart or adultery of the heart in the case of a married man, you have actively worked for the devil as an agent without knowing it and you have caused men to fall and sin against their God. If they repent not, they will face their punishments but you will have double for causing them to sin and being responsible for the reasons why they sinned against God.

"Wear it and seal up your fate for hell" is the warning the Lord has for all females of all categories. Thus saith the Lord.

This surely will not sit well with so many ladies out there who are comfortable wearing those skimpy, indecent clothing like mini skirts, bum shorts, leggings, blouses e.t.c. that reveals their cleavage and or breasts, trousers and so on and so forth. However, these does not negate the truth not the severity of the warnings from our Lord Jesus. Their denial or refusal to accept these truths and humbly obey does NOT and will NEVER change the fact that such persons will end up in the flames of hell unless they repent as our Lord Jesus Himself have made it expressly clear.

Jesus loves you and does not want you to end up in hell. He does not want you to behave like others who disobeyed before you were born so that you won't end up like them in hell. So out of His unquantifiable love and mercies, our Lord  Jesus Christ may his name be blessed and Glorified for ever, is hereby revealing to you now, through the Holy Spirit, the mistakes, mysteries and secrets that led others who before you, did these things while they were alive and thus, ended up in hell. Unknowing to them, they thought they were on their way to heaven! They deceived themselves and allowed others like some G.Os, pastors, reverends etc to deceive them. People spoke of how good they were when they were alive. They tell them to rest in peace which is another terrible and popular foolishness. Their obituaries carried wonderful news about them but now they are all in hell crying, screaming and regretting. They all knew the truth about the dangers of these things but argued as you are arguing now. They were stubborn as you are being stubborn now.

They abused and cursed the servants of God that the Lord had used to warn them and unfortunately, they're paying for their sins now without anymore hope. We don't hate you. Why would we hate you? Our Lord  Jesus Christ and The love of Jesus Christ brings these warnings to you so that you will not reject the mercies of God through stubbornness,  arguments, self denial or corporate denial and rejection of the truth. It's a terribly costly thing to do. The unavoidable sufferings in hell are always more for those that fail to repent and change because they already know the truth but rejected it. Anyone that rejects the truth has simply rejected Jesus Christ and all He accomplished at the cross simply because Jesus Christ is the Truth (see John 14:6). 

Note that, millions upon millions of regretting souls have already ended up in the tormenting flames of hell for being stubborn, rejecting these truths with more we will still add in the future. For not obeying these serious warnings from the Lord through His Prophets and chosen ones through the ages, they are paying dearly for their foolish stubbornness even right now in hell as you are reading this. There is no more hope for them as you read these divine truths. They are screaming and burning in the unquenchable fires of hell right now as you are relaxed and reading this. They wish they can be where you are right now and just come out of the flames and torments of hell even if is for just a minute to quickly repent, but that is no longer possible for them! How so so sad...

Ask yourself this simple question: Why will I want to end up in hell because of my dressing, what I bought with my hard earned money? Does it make any sense? Don't you know that any manner of friendship with the world is automatic enmity with God? Read James 4:4

If you have the above scripture, now ask yourself again why you want to become God's enemy? 

Who will help you when the Almighty God breaks out against you for disobedience? The devil? Your dad, mum, uncle, aunt? of course not! Oh how terribly sad!!!

THE ONLY SOLUTION: Repent now genuinely, turn away completely from doing these again and be saved because Jesus Loves you dearly and wants you in Heaven with Him. Go and BURN those your indecent clothes now! Yes, burn them all... Don't even give them out to anyone because if you do, they will also end up in hell if they just wear them at all and you will be guilty of leading them to hell because you gave them what you were supposed to burn. Wearing them or giving them out to others to wear makes you guilty of the warnings of our Lord Jesus in Luke 17:1

(2) Slitting of Skirts

We were in a 10-day vigil program and towards the end of the vigil, the Lord in a vision, brought a woman to stand in front of me while the prayer was on going. She was dressed in a fairly long brown corduroy skirt and a black blouse. Her skirt went well below her knees but didn't reach her ankles and had a slit of about 5 inches.


This is the warning from the Lord, if you as a female of any age, put a slit on your skirt even a millimeter length slit, you are not different from a harlot and such a person will by no means enter into the Kingdom of God. Slits are from the devil so Jesus hates it terribly. Such a person should completely forget about making heaven altogether unless she repents and remove every slit in all her skirts. Thus saith the Lord...

So please DO NOT Slit your skirt at all again not even one-inch slit. Instead let your skirt be free or made to be wide so that you can move around easily in them. Women asked me on length for their skirts and I used advice them to ensure it at least goes beyond their knees. I was sorry and sympathetic for the womenfolk and pitying them for the so much dos and don'ts to avoid hell but unknowing to me, I was in error and even in danger of hell! Thank God for His mercies, patience and love that made Him correct me. God does not see nor think as we humans do. Unexpectedly, the Lord later spoke to me through a vision He showed me on how long He wants female skirts to be. He showed me a lady wearing a light blue long skirt and blouse. Her skirt went down covering her legs. Her skirt has flair at the lower part for free and ease of movement thereby completely eliminating the need for slit on any skirt. So if any female asks me about God's standard for skirt length for any female whosoever, the above is what God wants and is what I will always tell them to the Glory of God.

It is either we are for the Lord or we are for the devil. The Lord simply loves us so very much He does not want to share us with the devil through any mistake whatsoever. All these errors are the handworks of the devil. He makes them attractive, fashionable and easily acceptable yet they are traps leading straight into hell.

The above skirt length as described, is God's standard and there is nothing anyone anywhere in the world can do about it. No amount of protest or complaints will make Him change His mind! The ONLY option we have as humans, is to obey ALL He does and commands us to do. It is STRICTLY for our own good not even for Him. So, from now henceforth, you know the truth. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to obey the truth so that the truth, Jesus Christ Himself, can set you free even from hell. May the name of our Lord Jesus Christ be blessed, praised and Glorified for ever more. Amen. 

(3) Partial list of forbidden Fashion items

1. ALL Perming, relaxing of Hair, Jerry curls, Baby curls etc
2. ALL Makeups of any kind/type/sort in general
3. ALL Nail Cortex and Nail polish, Nail Paintings
4. ALL Nail Extensions
5. ALL Hair extensions including weavons, attachments, Brazilian hair, Indian hair etc
6. ALL Earrings, Nose rings, toe rings, leg chains
7. All Jewelry which includes but not limited to necklaces, rings, bangles, etc
8. High heeled shoes
9. ALL Body arts, body paintings, tattoos, piercings etc
10. Sagging of Pants/trousers
11. ALL miniskirts and trousers for females
12. ALL tight clothing that reveals your shape or physique to the outside world
13. ALL Bleaching, colouring and tinting of Hair
14. ALL False eye lashes, non medicinal contact lenses, eye extensions, mascara, eye shadow etc
15. ALL Ear piercings and Multiple Ear Piercings

(4) Dowry & Illegal Marriages 

An illegal marriage is when a man and woman choose to cohabit with each other especially without the payment of the bride-price or dowry. In a case like this, both parties involved are living in fornication. Any child of God that wants to genuinely make heaven MUST as a matter of necessity and urgency have her dowry or bride-price paid in full if it is yet to be paid, together with everything demanded for by the wife's family MUST be given by the husband. The man involved MUST also ensure that he pays for his woman's dowry as a matter of importance if it is still unpaid. No man has the right to see your nakedness unless he has paid your dowry. If any of them dies in this sin of fornication, he/she is heading straight to hell no matter their position in the church. If they proceed to give birth to children in this type of union, the Lord said those children are already dedicated to the devil because of their parents faulty marriage foundation even though the such children were dedicated in a church. So such children born in situations like this or out of wedlock must fight not going to hell by genuinely repenting and forsaking their sins. They have to genuinely become born again, from there move onto working out their salvation with  fear and trembling in holiness and righteousness before God. Walking in and after the Spirit and ensuring that their names remain in the Lamb's book of life. The same is the case for some that actually paid the dowry but the wife's parents and or family returned the dowry under the claims that they do not sell their daughters as is common in the South West of Nigeria and some other cultures. That is a lie of the devil! The devil in his hatred for humanity, devises crafty lies and satanic culture schemes to cause man to sin against God. Every other item required for the wedding minus the dowry is for Caesar. The dowry or bride-price is what belongs to God and must be paid in full and not returned in any manner after its payment. The dowry or bride-price is what legalizes your marriage before God. So if it is not paid or was paid and then returned, such marriages are illegal before God and the men and women involved in such marriages before God, are living in fornication which is a sin that God hates terribly because like a physical church building, they defile the temple of God which is their bodies and God promises that He Himself is the one that will destroy anyone that defiles his or her body which is His temple, the temple of God. Read 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 and see for yourself what God says. Can you now see what the devil does in his hatred for mankind? Yet many go and take sides with devil in ignorance and make themselves enemies to God without even knowing it.

From what you have just read above, I strongly encourage you to check your life now and marriage very well if there's need for correction before it is too late. You better not deceive  yourself. If the Rapture or death happens now, can you make it into heaven? If not, I therefore encourage you with the love of Christ, that you should pray as below:

If you would like to surrender all to Jesus including all your life, problems, etc then Confess your all sins now one by one and repent from them all. After you confess your sins, you need to confess the following words by saying:

"Lord Jesus, I confess that I'm a sinner. Please have mercy on me as I have sinned against You several times. Forgive me of all my sins in Jesus name I pray. I hereby confess You as my Lord, my God and personal Saviour. I open the doors of my heart and life to You Lord Jesus. Please come and in and reign Supreme in my life from now on. Please remove my names from the books of death, destruction and hell and every evil book. Please write my name in your lamb's book of life that I may inherit eternal life in Your Kingdom in Jesus name I pray".

Congratulations if you have said the above confession. You are now saved by Jesus Christ! We would love to hear from you and connect with you with lots of goodies to benefit. So kindly complete the form below and we will get in touch with you soonest.

Any child of God that genuinely wants to make heaven at last, MUST NOT do any of the above. The above list and other forbidden items shall be updated from time to time as the Lord reveals them together with His warnings. Obey and be blessed. Disobey and become accursed and die in Hell (Deuteronomy 30:19-20). The choice is yours. Jesus Loves you and wants you to choose life by obeying and so do I.

Always check back for updates and God bless you in Jesus name as you obey.

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