Comedies & Lies. What Jesus Says...

Comedies & Lies. What Jesus Says...


Comedies and lies can sound very funny to the hearing but are they really ideal for a Christian who is heavenly minded? What does Jesus Christ say about Comedies & Comedians, Lies & Liars? How does Jesus Christ see it all? What are His promises for anyone engaging in such practices? Is it right to bring in comedians into the church? What does Jesus Christ say about this practice? Discover how comedies and lies identifies every liar with the devil as candidates and citizens of hell.

Discover also how comedies and lies can hinder one from making heaven thereby sending the person to eternal damnation starting in hell and ending in the lake of fire!

Do you know it's an abomination to tell lies? See what Jesus says. Why do people end up in hell if God is love? See pictures of the types of tortures all liars and all those that commits verbal sins with their mouths receive in hell. Find out God's demand from everyone without any exemption. What does it mean to tell lies to make money and then come back around to say God blessed you? Restitution is compulsory for everyone that wants to make heaven, so find out more.

Are you aware that there are many children in hell right now? Discover the sad and unfortunate case of a 4 year old boy in hell. It is dangerous to lie in order to achieve anything. Discover all these and more in this wonderful and revelation packed book. Discover also, how Jesus Christ is calling you into intimacy with.

Find out how you can be in this relationship and hearing from Jesus Directly and led by the Holy Spirit. You need to prepare for the Rapture. Join our Rapture Preparatory groups by clicking the web links on page 84 of this book. Jesus Loves you! Get on board with Jesus Christ.

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